Send Your Preloved.
We do the rest.

Sell My Preloved


Now it's seriously easy to sell your
preloved clothes with Helaian

1. Choose Your Method

How do you prefer to send your preloved clothes,
by courier or by drop it at shop?

2. Chat With Us

Tell us how many pieces of preloved clothes you want to sell.
We will guide you on which items 
we can accept & which we do not accept.

3. We check & evaluate

After receiving your items,
we will check and evaluate your preloved clothes condition.
Only eligible items will be accepted.

4. Receive Your Payout

We will transfer your money to your bank account for each eligible items.

Payout Estimator

Your payout is based on percentage of
Helaian's selling price

Selling PriceYour Cash Payout
RM 30 - RM 49 25%
RM 50 - RM 9935%
RM 100 - RM 19945%
> RM 20055%

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